The Brunstad Foundation and Brunstad Christian Church (BCC)

The Brunstad Foundation owns the property which was formerly called Nedre Brunstad Gård. Brunstad Christian Church originally purchased the place and developed the property thanks to great efforts from its members, both in the form of generous donations and voluntary labour.

Several different construction projects and extensions were carried out since the beginning in 1956. Towards the end of the 1990s, a process was started to plan for new and improved facilities.

During the process, it became clear that it was not appropriate for BCC to operate and manage a conference center. Approximately 1 NOK billion was invested in the major development in 2002-2005, and BCC saw the need to safeguard the values in a way that offered sound long-term management.

For this reason, in December 2002, the Brunstad Foundation was established. This brought about a clear distinction between the business oriented Brunstad Foundation and the religious community Brunstad Christian Church.

All Real Estate Is Transferred from BCC to the Brunstad Foundation

In 2006 BCC injected foundation capital and the entire remaining property at Brunstad was transferred from BCC to the Brunstad Foundation. Since this point of time, BCC has not owned anything on the site. BCC leases the conference center for its annual international conferences.

Many BCC members have also entered into long-term leases with the Brunstad Foundation or Oslofjord companies, and thus are interested parties in the place.

The Brunstad Foundation manages assets and properties, and the subsidiary limited companies have their own boards and are responsible for all aspects of their business activities.