The Brunstad Foundation and future ownership of Oslofjord Convention Center

January 2020

The Brunstad Foundation has existed since 2002, and was established by the church BCC to separate between charitable and commercial activities. The plan is for the separation to be finalised by the time the ongoing building project is complete.

The Brunstad Foundation has initiated, and financed a large scale development which is close to completion, and now the modern and environmentally friendly multi-purpose hall is ready for use by Oslofjord Convention Centre.

Brunstad Christian Church has had no intention to own or operate Oslofjord Convention Centre commercially, but has a need to ensure that there is a place to hold the church’s international conferences.

The Brunstad Foundation has in recent years hired in professional consulting firms EY and Boston Consulting Group to develop a robust ownership structure, and there are now business development plans for Oslofjord which involve full commercialisation.

In recent weeks there has been widespread media coverage in Norway where Oslofjord Convention Center AS is held responsible for the Brunstad Foundation’s relationship to BCC, a church with a traditional Christian view on homosexuality.

Therefore the Brunstad Foundation has decided to make public now, although it is early in the design phase, the plans we are working on for the further process to separate commercial and charitable activity.

The board of the Brunstad Foundation has decided that there will be a further evaluation on which ownership forms and structure are best suited, and will fulfil the ultimate objective of having a clear separation between church and business. We expect that it will take one to two years before a final resolution can be approved and implemented.

One of the objectives of the project is that future profits from Oslofjord Convention Center will benefit the local community in Vestfold, and other socially beneficial causes.

The Brunstad Foundation wants to underline that we have clear ethical guidelines regarding our activities, see below.

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